The Cathars are the greatest threat to modern Christians. While they call themselves “Good Christians,” they are in fact vile heretics who reject the notions of Spirit and God. Their twisted view would have you believe that the Soul is an angelic force, trapped within a mortal body, doomed to reincarnate until it has achieved salvation. In addition to that, like the Bogomils of the Bulgarian peoples, they believe in the existence of two gods, a God of the New Testaments who is good and merciful and a wrathful God of the Old Testament. While their kind has bred across Europe, the highest concentration is within Northern Italy and Southern France, the regions hit the worst by the Fifty Years’ War. Entire communities exist within France which follow the heresy and are to be purged as soon as possible. There have been rumors that Rosewood has declined to assist in the exodus of their Cathar population.

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