Order of Genesius

Genesians are most-common within the County of Rosewood. Their members are fanatically zealous, usually because they are raised as such since birth and undergo brutal rituals in secluded villages. Genesians are not usually found within larger settlements where they might be a minority. Instead, they either take over or form communities that they rule over based on the principles of their idol, Father Genesius, who they claim was a prophet and who rewrote the Bible into his own sick and twisted version. They can be identified rather easily if they are devout since they will have carvings on their body. The main belief of the Genesians is the duality between the seven sins and the seven virtues. Throughout the process of penance, they will carve the sins into their body as a show of triumph over the evil within themselves. The most devout Genesians are complete pacifists and will accept any fate that comes their way. However, there are more zealous members who prefer the sword over words. They pose no real threat if they are purged regularly.

Categories: History